Kuwait's government provides a service that lets individuals pass on vehicle ownership to another person, in compliance with the traffic laws and provisions.

- The vehicle insurance must be valid
- Both the seller and the buyer must attend the procedures
- In case of transferring the vehicle ownership, the owner must present a notification to the section concerned at the General Traffic Department with a copy of ownership transfer documents attached.
-The owner of the vehicle must attend in person or their representative with a power of attorney. If the owner is a juridicial persion - such as a company, or an organisation - the representative must have a signature authorisation from the General Traffic Department and an implementation of judgement

Required Documents
- Civil ID and a copy for the seller and buyer
- General power of attorney, in case the seller did not attend in person
- Mandatory insurance document
- Determination of heirs, incase the owner is deceased
- Power of attorney from the heirs - or a letter from Public Authority for Minors Affairs on the guardianship of minor inheritors - incase the owner is deceased
- Signature authorisation, if the seller is a company

The procedure is quite simple, assuming you have met all of the criteria above and have the required documents needed. You must visit the section concerned at the General Traffic Department in the governorate of the seller refers to and submit the required documents. You then fill in the application form and pay the fees due - voilà!


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