Shopping mall typically attracts enthusiastic customers from around the world. If you want to enjoy delicious Kuwaiti gastronomic shopping, visit the Gate Store. You'll enjoy a modern shopping experience while visiting this venue.

Under one roof you'll find a chance to shop multi-brand and multi-category products. There's everything from shoes, jewellery, cosmetics, homeware and fragrances. It is a conveniently located new building in the center of the town. Whilst shoppers can access it easily.
On weekdays or weekends you'll find locals and tourists alike as you wander around.  It's a day spent visiting the mall and enjoying its facilities. Window shopping is no bad idea, either! Seriously, you'll see some visitors walking around the luxury shops, name them shoppers in the windows!
Keep on walking, if your leg breaks and you feel tired, get to the sixth floor food court. A bucket-list of restaurants serving different cuisines can be found here. It's for Breakfast, Brunch, Lunch, or Dinner, and the gastronomic retreat will please your palate.
You can enjoy dining in a social setting which is multi-sensory. Offering your favorite beverage, there are unique coffee shops like Fanajeen Cafe and Hawak Cafe. Order a mid-day snack or freshly made morning breakfast with a hot cup of freshly-brewed coffee that goes fine.
You'll also find an on-site gym, play area for kids and a wonderful family-friendly atmosphere for a delightful experience. This six-floor mall is without doubt a place to rest and entertain.

Mall Highlights
As you enter the Mall, you’ll find bright LED lights all over. It makes a stunning ambiance. On the ground floor, you'll see the play area for the children. It's visible as you enter inside the Mall premises. Of course, if you have kids, this is their prime attraction, and you must visit. There are exclusive luxury category stores from general fashion to ladies, men, and traditional ware. Time out, Beverly hills polo club, Nautica, and Buknan are a few of the leading names.

Over the years, the gate mall earned a reputation as a must-visit destination in Kuwait. There is no limit for fun and entertainment options in this Mall. In addition to it, you’ll have an opportunity for quality shopping. Whether you are looking for designer clothes, traditional outfit, bridal wear, or children’s wear, the common name is the Gate Mall.

Additionally, you’ll also find shops selling premium perfumes and luxury watches. Inside the mall, there is a Korean face shop selling organic beauty care products. They are rightly priced, and of premium quality, as many customers gave positive feedback.

Let's take a look at the shops you’ll find inside the Gate Mall
Shops inside the Mall are broadly divided into various categories. They are Banking and Finance, Fashion, Accessories, Children Fashion, Food, and entertainment.

There is an extensive list of shops under each category. A few of the leading names are - Al amira, Rosa Clara, Mac Duggal, Paris Hilton, ki6, Missoni, Al-Ostoura, and so many.

Entertainment Zone
Its located on the first floor. There is Fun City for Kids entertainment and Grand Cinema playing the latest blockbusters for complete family entertainment.

10:00 Am - 12:00 Am (Sunday – Saturday).

The Gate Mall,
Block 5, Eqaila,


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