Commercial Property

salmiya com property (1)
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KWD 10
DescriptionNewHilite realtor proud to present this super luxury building located in heart of Salmiya .
Property Features :
commercial property 2br fahaheel (1)
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KWD 250
DescriptionNewhilite realtor is proud to present this commercial property for rent in Fahaheel.
Property Features : , Semi Furnished


Avenues Mall

One of the main Mall-The Avenues in the Middle East located in Kuwait City. This influenced shopping center is conveniently located in the center of town. Shopping in the Mall of Kuwaiti Avenues is a memorable experience, Why? Let's read it and know it ...

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6 Ways To Protect Yourself from A Sandstorm

When wind hits the deserts of the south, they carry large amounts of sand causing sandstorms in the region-and often it is almost invisible to the citizens of the city.

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Special needs Resources in Kuwait

Families seeking therapy, counseling or other help should also visit clinics and meet with physicians before making appointments for the baby. It is also important to know who will help the child, what its basic qualifications, schooling, skills and licensing status are, and what processes, methodologies and approaches will be used in the work of the child.

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Kuwait Towers

Kuwait Towers is a group of three slender towers that symbolize Kuwait's economic growth, as well as the town's cultural and tourist attractions. While there are three towers, the structure is often referred to as the Kuwait tower in singular.

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