Kuwait is home to an growing abundance of local bookshops and public libraries. Most include both Arabic and English books to the adults and children. Below is a compilation of NewHilite 's favorite bookshops, as well as all the public libraries in Kuwait.

Research has shown that one of the most important things a parent can do to help a child understand the language, avoid learning difficulties at school and ensure academic success is to read them from a young age

Better Books – Located in Salmiya, has a large selection of used books for adults and children and a large area for kids to sit and read. In Block 10, Salmiya behind Al Rashid Hospital. Telephone: 6663-7351

Jarir Bookstore – Located inside the Hawally Fun Park in Hawally, Jahrir sells a range of stationary, office supplies and fiction and non fiction and some children's books.

Jashanmal Books - Located in the basement level of 360 Mall, bookshop with adult and children's books as well as some toys.

Little Bees Book - Sells a variety of children's books and also participates in chidlren's book fairs. Located in Burj Dr Muhanad Al Tijari Tower, Floor 3, Office #9, Bahrain Street, Salmiya.

Q8 Books – Located in the new DAI Yarmouk Cultural Center, the used bookstore offers a range of children's and teen books as well as fiction and non fiction for adults. Located in Yarmouk, Block 3 Street 3 Opposite the Gulf & Boubyan Banks.

Saeed & Samir Bookstore - In the basement of Laila Gallery Mall on Salem al Mubarak Street. Has a wide selection of educational books, children's books in Arabic and English and some non-fiction books for adults on crafting, crochet, cooking, yoga and other subjects.

SpectraWide - Bookstore focused on children's books. It is located in Salmiya in the same shopping building as Mothercare, Boots and Chicken Tikka next to Sultan Center. The bookstore is upstairs and is open Saturday - Thursday 10am to 2pm & 4pm to 10pm. and Fridays 2pm to 10pm. Telephone: 5054-4244 or 5054-4344.

That Al Salasil – Recently opened a new, expanded children's section including an entire area dedicated to Scholastic books for kids. Located in the Avenues on the mezzanine level in Phase II, at the end. Also has a second WH Smith shop in Shuwaikh, across the street from Lily Center.


Free public libraries in Kuwait
Most of the public libraries in Kuwait are located near or next to the coops in the following areas. They are open to locals and expatriates and anyone can check out a book provided they pay insurance of KD 5 per book (the money is returned to you when you return the book).

The public libraries operate under different working hours but most are open in the mornings from 8am to 1:30pm and again in the evening from 4pm to 8pm. They are, however, closed on Fridays and Saturdays. Some of the public libraries have a separate area for children with books, toys, small tables and more.

Areas with public libraries and telephone contact info:
Jaber Al Ali  - Telephone: 2383-0610
Al Jahra - Telephone: 2455-0827
Jleeb Al Shuyookh - Telephone: 2431-8509
Al Jabriya - Telephone: 2532-3061/2/3
Hawally  (under reconstruction)
Khaldiya - Telephone: 2481-3331
Qortoba - Telephone: 2531-7168
Al Daiya  - Telephone: 2251-5686
Rumaythiya (women only) Telephone: 2561-0399
Salwa - Telephone: 2566-7093
Shamiya  - Telephone: 2481-8343 (under reconstruction)
Sabah Al-Salem (women only) Telephone: 2552-8952
Sulaibikhat - Telephone: 2487-0953
Ardiyah  - Telephone: 2489-2466
Abdullah Al-Salem - Telephone: 2254-8878
Farwaniya - Tel: 2472-0570
Kaifan - Telephone: 2481-5724
Adaliya - Telephone: 2251-5197
Oyoun/Jahra  - Telephone: 2458-0724
Fahaheel - Telephone: 2391-3810
Firdous  - Telephone: 2489-2499
Faiha  - Telephone: 2254-0898
Qadsiya - Telephone: 2251-5298 (under reconstruction)
Adan - Telephone: 2542-0812
Qurain - Telephone: 2543-2872
Bayan - Telephone: 2539-0376
Hadiya - Telephone: 2396-7615
Yarmouk - Telephone: 2531-6634/7/8
Al Salam  in South Surra (new)
Abdullah Al Mubarak (new)
Andalus (new)


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