Kuwait is a country full of wealth generated from the limited petroleum economy and a leading position in the financial sector of the GCC countries. These integrated industries have propelled Kuwait's dinar to become the most rated currency in the world.

1.Their money is the most expensive of all in the world. Enough to tell.
Most people tend to think of the Euro, the Pound and US dollars as the world's top currencies. That is not true though. The top three currencies in general are all from the GCC.

2.Their population is about 4 million people
Their small population means their capita is equated to being very large per citizen. Hence, leading them to become the GCC 's second richest country and the world's sixth.

3.The cars are indignant
It's like one big rivalry whose car has the quickest acceleration. When you don't have a luxury car in here, you do appreciate one at least.

4.They have a bassin full of gold
They have enough petrol to account for more than half of Kuwait 's GDP, 94 per cent of its export revenues and 90 per cent of government revenues.

5.It isn't rare to get something done for you
Gardeners, drivers and car cleaners are the norm when you have home support, that's when you realize there are people who are super wealthy.


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Most schools in Kuwait are public schools which teach in Arabic. There are some colleges within Indian CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education), British, American, and French systems, or a mix of languages.

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