Setting out on a shopping trip of Kuwait City is also a beautiful experience in Kuwait. The city has several shopping malls with trendy brand stores, luxury restaurants, and cafés all over the place. Among the lists of beautiful shopping malls, the Salhiya Complex is another popular name in which the shopping gastronomy surprises all the excited shoppers.

Centrally situated, this is a famous place where both locals and visitors never miss the opportunity to visit. The Salhiya Complex is the place to enjoy the appreciated shopping experience of the region. Not only is this mall popular for housing top branded shops but it also draws tourists to the shopping complex. This is because of the trendy interiors. After entering the Salhiya Complex, boutiques and specialty shops will be found all over.

There are restaurants and a few trendy cafés where you can relax and eat in. So spending a full day with your kids is a wonderful opportunity. Shopping, dining and entertainment, everything is under one umbrella at the Salhiya Complex. For shoppers there is no season to pick. Every time you visit this Mall boutique, you'll find happy people walking about.

Leading upscale brands around the world like Valentino, Bulgari, Rolex, Tiffany, Dupont and others have their stores out there. There you will find a massive collection of clothing and accessories. So, it’s all about how hard you want to hit your pocket because, in Salhiya Complex, it’s about unstoppable shopping.

Obviously, for those who don’t want to lash out their money buying expensive designer clothes, window shopping is an alternate option. Surprisingly, you’ll find many marveling around and enjoying luxury window shopping, which is also fun. Shoppers looking around for chic fashion accessories or exclusive jewelry, the Salhiya Complex is a common name.

Premium Retails
Ted baker, Harvey Nichols, Sergio Rossi, Rolex, Versace, and others. You’ll also find premium retails like Christofle, Tiffany, Max Mara, and All Saints.

Starbucks, Johnny Rockets, Pizza Hut, snacks, Lorenzo, Hashi (Japanese Restaurant).

Mall Timings
10 AM to 10 PM

Salhiya Complex, Fahad Al Salem Street,
Kuwait City


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