Kuwait and its kids go beautifully together. From desert adventures to the Kidzania universe, there's a range of fun activities to keep your kids entertained. Below are some of Kuwait 's Best Family Friendly Activities.

See the camels
Move into the desert, and come across some camels. Taste soft, salty camel milk; help the baby camels (in the spring) to look after; and set off on a camel safari into the desert.

Head to the beach
For kids there are few greater pleasure than building (and knocking down) sand castles, and splashing in the turquoise waters of the sea. Jumeirah Messilah Beach Resort & Spa, on the shores of the Arabian Gulf, has one of the finest beaches in all of Kuwait. Wanasa Beach on Failaka Island is also magnificent, and a trip here can be combined with a visit to The Heritage Village.
Desert camping and stargazing
For an unforgettable experience, spend a night under the stars. Take a guide and head into the desert for a very special family camping trip. With no artificial light nearby, millions of stars light up the midnight sky. Keep a keen eye out for the local wildlife and see if you can spot an elusive Arabian oryx (a type of gazelle), or a red fox.

Swim with the fish
The warm waters of the Arabian Gulf are teeming with life, and taking a family snorkelling trip around the shallow coral reefs offers an opportunity to see tropical fish, the colourful sub-aquatic flora of the Gulf, and (hopefully) turtles as they paddle past.

Learn a career
At KidZania, children can learn to be anything from a car designer or construction worker, to a window cleaner or surgeon. With over 100 different careers to roleplay, every kid is sure to find their passion.

Splashing at speed
A trip to Aquapark will delight kids of all ages. The waterpark offers everything from pirate-themed areas and gentle slides for younger children, to terrifying 20m vertical drops for teenagers and adults. There’s also a lazy river ride, go-karting, and a paintball arena.
Get scientific
The Kuwait Scientific Centre is a great option for some ‘edutainment’. With one of the largest aquariums in the Middle East, the complex is divided into various different zones including Discovery Place, which is full of interactive science-based displays. There’s also an IMAX theatre which shows immersive educational films and documentaries.


Alhamra Tower and Mall

Kuwait City is full of spectacular architectures to wonder whoever comes here to visit. One of those modern skiescrapers that can keep your breath is Al Hamra Tower and Mall.

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Coronavirus virus

The World Health Organization (WHO) has announced the new outbreak of coronavirus which originated in a pandemic in Wuhan , China.

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After school activities for kids in Kuwait

Kuwait's afterschool activities and extracurricular opportunities for children have explosed over the last few years. If you are interested in exploring all the available choices, this list is intended to provide a helpful and well-rounded guide.

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Things To Consider Before Moving To Kuwait

1.   Kuwait May Be Hotter Than Any Other Country
When people think about the Middle East, I am sure they picture a vast desert with a scorching sun and this is valid to some degree. Kuwait consists largely of the sandy Arabian Desert, with a very minimal urban area. After growing up in a tropical city in South Africa I thought I was prepared for the heat but I was still taken by surprise.

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