Kuwaitis like most countries these days prefer to use a mobile phone instead of a fixed landline. The number of cell phones in use is nearly five times the number of main lines installed in homes and these figures are growing.

It is fairly cheap to have a fixed line installed but most people don't bother at all now. International roaming arrangements are in effect for cell phone companies and it shouldn't be a challenge to use your phone from your home country but it will be costly. It's safer to buy a Kuwaiti cell phone and sim card at your arrival and that will be a more cost-effective solution

Pay phones are almost non-existent in Kuwait but in shops and restaurants it is possible to use phones and it is very unlikely that you will be paid for this.

There are a variety of Internet Service Providers operating in the country and getting internet access installed in your home is fairly easy. Most citizens should be using a broadband service but some dial up services are still in place. You can use one of the many internet cafes that can be found in urban areas if you prefer not to have internet enabled.

There are few basic radio and television stations that transmit programs mainly in Arabic. One will see the occasional English program but very rarely. To increase the number of channels available to you, you should have satellite television or cable built in your home, in which case you can find even more English language shows, usually seen with Arabic subtitles.

English-language radio can be heard over the internet, and many people do this as they are able to connect from home to their favorite radio stations' digital broadcasts.

The post office in Kuwaiti offers a very reliable service and it can take around a week to arrive if you are sending mail abroad. Except Friday the post office is open every day, although the actual opening hours will vary depending on the location of the post office you are using. If you live in a slightly more remote place, you may find that your mail isn't as reliable and in such situations it's worth opening a box for the post office. It is even simpler if you collect heavy items and are not home to collect them via the box.


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