All schools allow your child to get a health card from a doctor accredited by a government clinic. The process can be daunting for those who never did. Here's a guide on what to do, what to bring and where to go with you.

All schools in Kuwait allow your children to have a health card certifying they have received all the required vaccines. Moms in Kuwait will take your children to the clinic in your town that operates the BCG. When you're not sure it will take you to go and inquire at your nearest polyclinic.

Take with you the following:
-          Child’s birth certificate and photo copy
-          Child’s Kuwait Civil ID (bitaqa) and photo copy-
-          Child’s vaccination records and photo copy (also an Arabic translation and photocopy if its in English)
-          One passport photos of child (blue background)

We live in Salwa and so are required to go to the main polyclinic in Salmiya on Salem Al Mubarak Street (next to Sultan Center). Each governorate has a main clinic and you will need to go to that one depending on where you live.

At the Salmiya Clinic, we went upstairs to reception to open the file. Then we went around the corner to see the first nurse/doctor who asked family medical history questions and stamped the papers. Then we went downstairs to the second doctor (ground floor pediatrics, room 2) and there a doctor listen to our daughter's chest, asked a few more questions and added a second stamp to the file. Then back upstairs to reception again for a final stamp to complete the file.

Took us about 30 minutes in all, but we went early in the morning to avoid a crowd. After the file has all three stamps, you can take it to your child's school nurse.

We recommend making a copy of the completed and stamped health file for your own records before you give it to the school.


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