If you're planning on spending your time on the beaches in Kuwait City and having some fun during the summer, you'll never run out of options. The Kuwaiti coastline is crowded with beaches, some private and some public. You 're sure to enjoy the numerous beaches, particularly those attached to a hotel, as a part of 5-star hotels are many of Kuwait 's beaches.

To relax, go for quiet walks and spend some quality moments relaxing on the beaches or dipping in the waters, all locals and visitors come to the beach. The best time to visit these beaches is the warm season, before the summer height comes in. So, let's just look at the list of popular beaches you may want to go when you're in town on holiday.

Messilah Beach
Located in Salmiyyah Kuwait, the Messilah beach is one of the most popular private beaches in Kuwait. The seafront stretches from Kuwaiti Towers to the region of Al-Bedaa. You will enjoy strolling down the well-paths and all the greenery will be a real feast to your eyes. The facilities include three large pools, kids pool, gardens and green space, and a restaurant serving snacks and ice cream.  The beach marks Ladies’ Days on Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays, and there are traditional performances and dancing for ladies only during these days.

Al Khiran Beach
Located in the south of Kuwait, Al Khiran is a resort with artificial canals. This is considered the beach capital and the pride of the country. It has everything from palms, fine sand, swimming pools to barbecue areas and an excellent supermarket. You can enjoy sea activities such as jet skiing, water skiing, and scuba diving along the beach front, apart from two snack shacks offering refreshments. There is also a boating trip offered to guests into the deep blue sea.

Egaila beach
Egaila is a private beach in Kuwait, that is popular for its seaside spot for picnics and BBQ. Its coastline is sandy with pebbles while the bottom is rocky, and so the entry to the water is bad. Opened in September 1980, the Egaila beach park features a long wooden bridge that goes a long way into the sea. Along the beach, you can find walkways with plants and trees. There are BBQ grills set up along the shore, and also chairs and tables for visitors to relax. An open theatre, playground for kids and lush green lawns are also found within the beach confines. The beach park also has a swimming pool with a separate entrance fee.

Al Kout Beach
The beach is an expanse of white sand overlooking the Persian Gulf. Al Kout Beach hosts a lively range of family-friendly activities, and plenty of waterside leisure Al Kout Beach is one of Kuwait’s best beaches. This serene stretch of sand is among the Kuwait’s biggest, beckoning azure waters and offering white sands. Al Kout Beach is particularly popular with families, and children and adults flock to its nearby swimming pools in the weekends. For vacationers travelling with friends, Al Kout Beach will be more engaging. Visitors can enjoy an al fresco meal during the sun sets over the Arabian Gulf as this beach also offers barbeque facilities. There is a dancing fountain which is so relaxing and calm. Visitors can enjoy having lunch or dinner or have cup of coffee with nice music beside the dancing fountain. A lot of People go there mainly for the seating next to the Fountain, as it makes them feel refreshed.

Hilton Beach Resort
Hilton is a good beachfront resort in Kuwait. It is different from other similar hotels in the Persian Gulf by the fact that all its amenities are located right on the coast, and not in the garden, which makes it the best beach in the country. The amenities in this beachfront resort include swimming pools, water sports, gymnasium, spa, running route, tennis courts, children’s activities, shops and food and beverage outlets.

Fintas Beach
Located in a typical urban area, Fintas is a public beach in Kuwait. The entry to the water is smooth, but there are lot of stones at the bottom. With several greeneries, children playground, and a small gymnasium, the beach is ideal for adults and children alike.

Mangaf Beach
Located in the southern suburbs of Kuwait, Mangaf is a city beach with fine sand and good entry into the water. However, given its location on a busy road, there is not much shade ashore. Due to its busy location, it may not seem the right place to relax by.

Marina Beach
The marina beach is a popular city beach in Kuwait, offering great views of the city’s skyline. There are plenty of palms growing on the sand, which is comparatively rare in comparison to other beaches in Kuwait. The kiosks serve ice cream and drinks. There is a huge bouncy kids’ playground, in addition to bike hire, a skate park, and good restaurants line up across the beach.


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