One of the main Mall-The Avenues in the Middle East located in Kuwait City. This influenced shopping center is conveniently located in the center of town. Shopping in the Mall of Kuwaiti Avenues is a memorable experience, Why? Let's read it and know it ...

This is a huge shopping mall which spreads across an area of over 300,000 square meters. According to the latest statistics, it welcomes over twenty million annual visitors and does a business turnover of more than one billion us dollar. You’ll find over 1,000 shops selling a vast collection of branded and luxurious products. The mall premises are divided into twelve unique sections or anchors and four phases or avenues. In addition to it, around twelve thousand vehicle owners can park their vehicle in the building’s dedicated parking lot.

The interior and exterior of the Mall are exquisitely designed. Imported Italian stones are used in the building’s construction. Thus, it’s a beautiful architecture to marvel around from the exterior. Similarly, the interior has a brilliant thematic design showcasing some glimpses of the enriched Arab culture. You’ll find a transparent glass roof and European-style storefronts as you walk around.
For shoppers, there is enough to shop until you drop. Start from the first avenue where you’ll find international stores like Zoppini store, Ajmal, Faces, Bobbi Brown and others. Move on to the second avenue for international brands like Braccialani, Claire's, Fuchia and others. In the Prestige district, you’ll find the world’s best luxury brands like Harvey Nichols, Chanel, Burberry and others. Grand Avenue will remind you about London's and Paris shopping districts.
For a fine-dining experience, there is a list of boutique cafes located in this mall. Olive Garden, Buffalo's, Fauchon Le cafe, etc. Is among them. Also, visit the SoKu district, which is full of trendy restaurants and young crowds.

Major stores in the Avenues Mall
Behbehani Watch World
Elisabetta Franchi
Henry Lloyd
L'amour De Paris
Le Labo
Lee & Wrangler
L'Occitane (Grand Plaza)
Mont Blanc
Pieere Cardin
Pottery Barn Teen
Toys R Us
Victoria’s Secret Beauty and Accessories

Major Restaurants in Avenues Mall
First Avenue
Buffalo's: Contact no: 22597293
Lorenzino Cafe: Contact no: 22597373
Pizza Express: Contact no: 24954767
Tche Tche Cafe: Contact no: 22597214

Second Avenue
Caribou Coffee: Contact no: 22597669
Columbus cafe: Contact no: 22597036
Mcdonald’s: Contact no: 22597950

Fauchon Le cafe: Contact no: 22200666

Grand Avenue
Starbucks: Level D, Contact no: 24954528
Olive Garden: Grand avenue

Nestle toll house: Contact no: 22200669

Kids Entertainments in Avenues Mall
A safe and fun place for children designed to provide the ultimate role-playing opportunity for kids up to 14 years old.

Magic Planet
Magic Planet is the largest indoor amusement park in the region, featuring several international award-winning games, simulators, indoor rides, skill games and attractions.

TEKZONE is a dynamic, fun, family entertainment brand set in a futuristic environment that unveils a new dimension in Leisure and Entertainment.

It offers entertaining games, adventures, learning and non-stop excitement to kids as well as indoor play areas and a toy store.

kdooz it takes care of the visitors children while shopping by involving them in various activities and programs like drawing, coloring as well as games and entertainment

Operating Hours
10 AM to 10 PM

Ghazali Street, Al-Rai- 5th Ring Road, Kuwait
Phone: +965 1810004


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