Renowned for its profoundly conservative interpretations of Islam, Kuwait provides tourists with unique insights into the Arab world. However, many tourists wonder "is Kuwait a safe place? 'And the answer to that is,' yes, Kuwait is generally a safe place to travel to, as crime rates are fairly low, and foreigners are highly unlikely to be targeted. However, there are certain matters that you need to consider when planning a travel to Kuwait.

Kuwait, as an Islamic republic, you really have to respect its customs, its rule and its people. Most of your trips to Kuwait will then be trouble-free. It is especially recommended that travelers be a little more vigilant when visiting Kuwait's more conservative areas such as Jahra or Jleeb Al Shuyoukh, which reportedly has some cases of robbery.

Is it safe to vacation in Kuwait?
So, how safe is Kuwait as a vacation destination? This is a common and good question to ponder upon before you plan a vacation to any foreign destination.
So, although Kuwait is a safe destination to visit, it would be best for you to remain aware about your surroundings in public spaces, and avoid large demonstrations and gathering as these can sometimes turn violent. It is also important to keep yourself updated on current events.
When it comes to the question of safety in a vacation destination, the weather and environmental hazards also has a role to play. So, in Kuwait weather and environmental hazards, sand and dust storms are common, flooding can occur occasionally. Kuwait often has experiences of extreme high temperatures, so during peak summer, the temperature can regularly touch as high as 50ºC, or more.

Are there pickpockets in Kuwait? Can you walk around in Kuwait?
Yes, you can walk around freely in Kuwait, but, just as in any place apply caution when moving in crowded public places. Although you are not likely to be pick-pocketed during your vacation or stay in Kuwait, it may come as an annoying surprise to hear that there were instances when a small percentage of people who were targeted by petty thieves during their time in the city. So, the best thing to do would be, instead of leaving things to fate, take control and gain peace of mind by taking some precautions to keep your money, passport and other valuables in a safe security belt.
Petty crime is not common in Kuwait, but, you should still exercise basic precautionary measures as you would otherwise do in any other country. Violence against foreigners are low and rare, so chances of getting mugged, kidnapped or attacked are low. But, you should avoid public gatherings or demonstrations of any kind, as they can turn violent.

Is Kuwait safe for women?
Kuwait is generally safe for women. But, still, it is recommended that women avoid walking alone in isolated and poorly lit areas at night, and preferably travel with a companion if possible when travelling at night. This is because there have been few instances of attempted sexual assaults against foreign women in Kuwait City.
Another precaution to take could also be not to call a taxi from across the road, as past cases of passengers being abused while doing so have been recorded. Therefore, it is better to book a taxi beforehand via a reputable taxi company. Otherwise, get to know a good taxi driver to ride around Kuwait.


Taking Your Pets in Kuwait

It is not very usual for a Kuwaiti to have a pet, as they have long been considered unclean, although attitudes have recently changed. When you are taking your pet you need to make sure that your housing is sufficient for them to remain indoors for much of the time and the pet micro chipping is necessary.

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The Kuwaiti government has an online service that enables nationals and residents to pay such traffic fines easily online, as well as any immigration and travel fines-visa, residency and data transfer by entering the correct data.

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