The Ministry of Electricity and Water Supply operates services in Kuwait, and the system is relatively easy to comprehend. Most people will receive only one bill covering both their water supplies and their electricity supplies. Receiving separate bills is very unusual.

Many properties are already linked, and your sponsoring employer could have arranged for your accommodation to be linked in advance if you are moving to the country for work. As a foreign national, you will have to pay a fee for connecting services to your home, but your employer may be able to cover this expense as they help arrange your accommodation.

Bills are usually quite low, the country's extreme heat means heating is not needed but you will have air conditioning, which can be expensive depending on how often you use it. Often the air conditioning costs are included with the rent, so you will still be able to hold down your energy bills even though you use them a lot. Bills may be charged directly through the bank or at one of the Ministry 's offices.

Some homes have gas equipment. It is common to have a shared tank in apartment buildings, in which case the cost of gas is generally included with the rent. If your home doesn't have a gas tank then you can buy gas bottles from which to run the appliances, which is usually not expensive.

The quality of tap water is generally considered to be very good, although most people will still use bottled water for drinking and this is recommended if you are not accustomed to the local water. There are very few people living in Kuwait who do not have access to good quality tap water and the service is fairly reliable, although the government is trying to encourage people to have water tanks installed in their homes. Some areas have their water stopped at regular intervals if the government thinks they are using too much and the only solution is to call out a water truck which will charge for the service.

The electricity supply is 220-240 volts and generally uses a three pin plug. If you require adaptors for any of your appliances these are widely available in local shops. The power generated in Kuwait is consumed by Kuwaitis and there are few reserves which means that power cuts are common for short periods of time.


Special needs Resources in Kuwait

Families seeking therapy, counseling or other help should also visit clinics and meet with physicians before making appointments for the baby. It is also important to know who will help the child, what its basic qualifications, schooling, skills and licensing status are, and what processes, methodologies and approaches will be used in the work of the child.

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Kuwait nightlife

Kuwait boasts fascinating architecture, great shopping and beautiful water sports. If you are looking for a western-style nightclub in Kuwait, though, you might be a little disappointed.

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Kuwait Traffic Fines

The Kuwaiti government has an online service that enables nationals and residents to pay such traffic fines easily online, as well as any immigration and travel fines-visa, residency and data transfer by entering the correct data.

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Gulf bank

Gulf Bank is one of Kuwait 's leading providers of financial services, with a wide range of wholesale banking, consumer banking , treasury and financial services.

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