The Discovery Mall is another prominent name in the town when it comes to shopping, entertainment, and food. It is one of the city 's leading shopping centres, popular with kids and adults alike. The explanation for this is that there are centers of child development out there that focus mainly on girls.

Discovery Mall is a big, famous joint due to the theme based on the kid. It is important to find an indoor area for fun activities in the scorching heat out there in the region. The Discovery Mall completely fulfills that requirement.
Sooner it was a place for the family and remain crowded. It's instead an opportunity for kids to visit and learn a lot of things out there. The open property is managed by the Kuwait United Facilities Management Company.
It boasts of being the first shopping mall on the topic of Kuwait's Children. There is, of course, something for the adults too, but the main emphasis is on babies. The Discovery Mall offers a one-stop solution for children of all ages, under one roof.
All is out there under a single roof, from toys to fashion wears and from movies to the children's Cognitive Development Centre. You'll also find gymnasium for youth, arcade center and cosmo bowling. Added features are the food court, lots of games, and fish shops.
The mall management targetted their significant visitors as kids between five to fifteen years of age. It is how they arranged the activities inside the Mall. Since its inauguration in 2009, it has become famous as the country’s leading Child Development Center. It is also located in one of the city’s safest places loaded with all family-friendly facilities.
On the ground floor, there are the kid’s cloth, accessories, and shoe shops. The 3D and 4D cinemas for kids are also located out there. On the mezzanine floor, you’ll find many restaurants, toy shops, a small indoor football yard, and kids play zone.
The football center for kids is one of the unique attractions in the mall. In addition to it, there is the GeniusBrain Kuwait located on the building’s first floor. It is the star attraction in the Mall for children. GeniusBrain Kuwait runs special cognitive development programs for children. This program aims to enhance learning skills, memory, attention, and focus on your kids.
Visiting the mall and taking part in these immersive programs run by GeniusBrain Kuwait is a great idea, then. It's not, however, an overrated shopping mall in Kuwait, but a nice place to visit with the family and have fun.

Discovery Mall - Kuwait City,
Al Soor Street,
1st Ring Road,
Kuwait City,
Capital Governorate


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