Kuwait's citizens are not required to pay into any programs that would qualify them for compensation if they wanted financial aid. The size of the country and the level of its wealth means that in times of trouble it can afford to look after its citizens, although there are some funds that a worker can afford to give himself extra security and peace of mind.

There are benefits available to include work-related medical care, sickness and maternity leave, pensions, unemployment and other disability benefits. Those benefits are not at all applicable to foreign workers. If you're in the country and suddenly get unemployed then you have to leave as the state won't pay for your maintenance.

A Kuwaiti male worker must be at least 50 years old for a pension and carry 15 eligible years of service and contributions behind them. The retirement age is set to increase to 55 by 2020. Earlier retirement is possible and if you have 20 qualifying years of work and contributions you can retire at age 47. The rules vary slightly for women. They will retire at the age of 40 if they have 15 qualifying years and contributions behind them or if they have 20 qualifying years, at any level.

If a Kuwaiti worker is found to have a 50 percent disability, they will qualify for a disability pension since they are legally incapable of working. The sum payable is based on the average salary received by the worker before the impairment occurs. Unless you are medically injured then you may be given an pension to protect you when you are out of work. If you are sustaining a work-related accident you can still seek compensation and the government must pay for the medical care related to it.

For expat workers it is advisable to have medical insurance to cover you for any treatment you might need, although if you are off work you will be unable to claim benefits, so it is a good idea to check your employer’s policy on sick pay. It is also worth checking if you will be in a position to claim benefits from your home country if you become ill or if you return there following unemployment, as you may find that you will not qualify if you have been out of the country for some time.


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