Luxurious Villa with Garden for Rent in Mishref

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Price: KWD 3000 3000 KWD
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10 bedroom luxury villa with garden available for rent in Mishref for the Embassy.
 Two Main Entrance.    
Swimming Pool.    
Guard Room.    
6-7 Car Parking Space.  
Basement     3 Bedroom.    
2 Neat and Clean bathroom.    
Nice and Beautiful Main Kitchen.    
Laundry room.    
Storage Area.    
Access Stairs to Swimming Pool.    
Ground Floor    
Huge Big 2 Living Room.    
Nice and Beautiful Main Kitchen.    
1 Master Bedroom.    
Guest Bathroom.    
Elevator to both Floors.  
First Floor    
5 Spacious Bedroom (4 Master + 1 Sharing).    
Spacious Living Room.    
Nice and Beautiful Kitchen.    
Huge Big Terrace Area.  
Second Floor    
3 Spacious Bedroom (2 Master + 1 Sharing).    
Hue Big Living room.    
Nice and Beautiful Kitchen.    
Big and Spacious Terrace Area.  
Third Floor   
Rent Kd 5000  
Other Sea View & City View, furnished & unfurnished apartments are available throughout Kuwait at an affordable price.
Terms and conditions apply.
Contact us to schedule a viewing +965 66679196 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Realtor fee & Deposit applicable.

Specific details

Bed 10+
m2 1000
Property Features , Pool, Garden, Satellite, Semi Furnished
Bath 7+
Additional Features Security, Parking


Kuwait, Mishref



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