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At NEWHILITE Housing, we understand the difficulties involved when individuals and families relocate. 
At NEWHILITE Housing, we understand the difficulties involved when individuals and families relocate.  We can help make the transition happen more smoothly, leaving transferees free to focus on settling into a new community and workplace.  With a range of housing options and amenities, we have an apartment to suit each transferee's needs, and each company's budget.  Placing transferees in NEWHILITE apartments offers your company savings over booking them in hotel rooms.  Our apartments are less expensive per night than extended stay hotel rooms, and we do not charge the service taxes required at hotels.  Since every apartment has a complete kitchen, you won't have to pay restaurant prices for every meal.  NEWHILITE Housing apartments are even more cost-effective when transferees are relocating with their families.  An entire family can be comfortably accommodated in one NEWHILITE apartment, instead of in multiple hotel rooms


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