1.   Kuwait May Be Hotter Than Any Other Country
When people think about the Middle East, I am sure they picture a vast desert with a scorching sun and this is valid to some degree. Kuwait consists largely of the sandy Arabian Desert, with a very minimal urban area. After growing up in a tropical city in South Africa I thought I was prepared for the heat but I was still taken by surprise.

During the summer months, the temperature can reach 50 degrees Celsius but really this shouldn’t scare you. Unless you are accepting a job offer where you need to be outdoors all day, the weather will barely affect you. Every place in Kuwait is air-conditioned and the average person doesn’t spend much time outside in the summertime. Stores are open until 10pm, so most people do their shopping in the evening and some banks also open from 5pm to 8pm.
When I first arrived, I thought the weather would never cool down, but the temperature does drop and the change in weather is quite dramatic. October and November are the perfect months for beach barbecues, pool parties and seaside brunches. December and January are considerably colder (below 10 degrees Celsius) but overall, the weather in Kuwait is quite bearable.
Moving to Kuwait can be the best or worst experience of your life depending on your mindset. The key to enjoying life in Kuwait is to be accepting of local culture, religious tolerance and being open to adapting to the lifestyle. This part of the world isn’t all war zones and conflict; think sand dune bashing and camping in the desert, countless hours smoking shisha in the souq and meeting many interesting people from all walks of life.
Life in Kuwait has its ups and downs, just like anywhere else in the world but remember that there are many good experiences to be had in this little country. If you reach out, you will find them. If you never try, you will not know what adventures you are missing.

2.    Driving License in Kuwait
The other main thing to bear in mind is that Kuwait does not allow foreign driving licenses as it is. If you plan on driving in the country, these will also need to be legalized.

To qualify to get a driving license in Kuwait, you must meet the following requirements.
•    Be a university graduate.
•    Earn a monthly salary of not less than KD 600.
•    Be a resident of Kuwait for not less than two years since your first entry.
•    Receive exemption from any or all the above requirements if you belong to some specified professions.
•    Pass an eye test
•    Pass a driving test.
For Detailed Article Please Check this link - What Are The Eligibility Conditions For Applying Driving License In Kuwait?
Without Car the life is quite boring in Kuwait

3.    Accommodation
There has been a construction boom in Kuwait over the last 10 years, providing many different apartments and villas for expats to choose from. Almost all of the apartment buildings have a haris or manager on the building premises who will arrange for your trash to be taken out and your car washed for a small monthly fee. However, most buildings have limited parking spaces and amenities, so most renters are left to try to find a space wherever they can. Don’t be shocked when you come out to find someone blocking your car!
The Rents are Pretty High

4.   Life in Kuwait
Kuwait 's speed of life is very slow, and things are going to get done at a slower pace than you're used to, particularly when it's about government or paperwork. If you have a deadline for something – a letter that needs to expire with a stamp or visit visa, be aware that it will NOT come out on time. Try to get things done well beforehand so you won't be left wanting.
Social life is dull, since there is little much to do but shopping malls
Living costs are really high

5.    Visit Visa for Loved Ones
All GCC Countries And other 53 countries will be granted visa on arrival in Kuwait, or they may take an e-visa prior to their arrival in Kuwait.
Such countries include All European Union nations, Andorra, Australia, Bhutan, Brunei, Cambodia, Canada, Georgia, Hong Kong, Iceland, Japan, Laos, Liechtenstein, Malaysia, Monaco, New Zealand, Norway, San Marino, Serbia, Singapore, South Korea, Swaziland, Switzerland, Turkey, United States, Vatican City and Vietnam.
But for others, the one who is in Kuwait can apply for visit visa for their family after meeting certain requirements.
You should have salary of 500 KD for applying visit visa
-    Visit Visa for wife and children will be 3 months.
-    Where as for parents and siblings the visit visa will be given only one month.

6.    Dependent Visa
Not everyone can bring their family to Kuwait, you've met certain requirements for bringing your family with you.
You can not make your father and mother dependent on you if your parents are dependent on you so Kuwait is not for you.
The minimum wage required to apply for dependent visas is 500 KD.

After 21 years you can not sponsor your children


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