Kuwait is worth a visit, the tiny country bordering Iraq and Saudi Arabia, because there's plenty to do, even if you're on a short break here. Kuwait has lots of tourist attractions that you'll love to see. Also popular is Kuwait City for shopping, museums, theme parks, and historic sights.  In short, the Kuwait City, the largest urban area and the rich city in the Gulf region, is a combination of all modern day aspects with a more rugged and ordinary core.

How many days will visiting Kuwait suffice?
How long your visit will take depends on your expectations and your target. There are various views on the optimum length of stay in Kuwait and what to do during that short period. Although some visit Kuwait for sightseeing purposes only, others come to relax with family and have some fun time.

For instance, if you are staying for just 3 days in Kuwait, ‘is 3 days enough to visit Kuwait’? What can you do in Kuwait in 3 days?’ These may just be some of the questions that you have in mind when planning a visit to Kuwait.

Here are a few things that you could consider doing in your short visit to Kuwait:

   1. Located in Kuwait City, Al Hamra is the tallest tower in Kuwait, making it the 15th tallest sculpted tower in the world. The tower has 80 floors, and you can get an amazing aerial view of Kuwait if you go sightseeing here.

   2.The Liberation Tower is the second tallest building in Kuwait, and atop the tower, on an otherwise clear day you can see the whole of Kuwait. The tower has a revolving restaurant too, from where you get to enjoy some great Kuwaiti cuisine while also enjoying your view.

   3.Do not miss visiting the largest mosque in Kuwait, namely, the Grand Mosque. It is built so beautifully, that you cannot stop admiring its architecture. You can learn more about the Muslim religion, and take a daily tour at the Mosque.

   4.Visiting the Failaka Island’, gives a first-hand indication of what war does to a country. The Gulf war had caused lot of destruction. It is in this island that the effects of the war can be seen. The homes, offices and hospitals that were destroyed during the war have not been rebuilt. In the island, you can also visit archaeological sites dating back to the Bronze Age.

   5.The House of Mirrors is the only house in the world to be entirely covered with mirror mosaic done by a single artist. It is lived-in building bedecked with an astonishing range of mirror mosaics. This unique house is worth a visit.

   6.If you love to go shopping, there are plenty of malls in Kuwait City, with the Avenues mall being the largest, apart from 360 Mall, Marina Mall and many more. On the other hand, there is also the Old Souk / Mubarakiya, where you can shop for souvenirs, and taste some great Arabian dishes. It all depends on what you wish to shop for.

   7.There are several museums, such as the calligraphy museum, Kuwait National Museum etc., and depending on your interest, you can choose one.

   8.The Scientific Centre features world-class aquarium, IMAX theatre, and discovery area. There is a dhow harbour too outside, apart from shops selling gift items for children.

   9.Visit to Kuwait would seem incomplete without enjoying a desert trip. There are plenty of activities to do in the desert like camel rides, and camping for a night in the desert.

   10.Also, all the way along the Arabian Gulf Street there are wonderful beaches such as the Marina beach, Wanasa beach, Fintas, to name a few. You can just chill and do some sun bathing. The water tends to be on the shallow side for swimmers, but it is sure worth a visit with family.
If you're new to the place, you can also consider hiring a guide to take you around Kuwait, so you won't miss out on any major attractions. But, being a small country, the optimal period for visiting Kuwait may be 3 days.


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