Furnished Two Bedroom Apartment in Salmiya
SalmiyaKWD 700
Three Bedroom Duplex for Rent in Jabriya
JabriyaKWD 1000
One Bedroom Furnished Apartment in Salmiya
SalmiyaKWD 500
Three Bedroom Large Villa for Rent near Kuwait City
Kuwait CityKWD 3000
Furnished seven Bedroom Villa in Hateen
HateenKWD 1800


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How to get a Kuwait Visa ? Rules and Regulations

Visas and Permits for Expats in Kuwait

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Things To Consider Before Moving To Kuwait

1.   Kuwait May Be Hotter Than Any Other Country
When people think about the Middle East, I am sure they picture a vast desert with a scorching sun and this is valid to some degree. Kuwait consists largely of the sandy Arabian Desert, with a very minimal urban area. After growing up in a tropical city in South Africa I thought I was prepared for the heat but I was still taken by surprise.

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Preschools in Kuwait

There are hundreds of preschools, nurseries, and day-care centers for children in Kuwait. Montessori offers equally diverse approaches, learning by play, Arabic, bilingual, English , French and various curricula.

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Kuwait's bookstores & libraries

Kuwait is home to an growing abundance of local bookshops and public libraries. Most include both Arabic and English books to the adults and children. Below is a compilation of NewHilite 's favorite bookshops, as well as all the public libraries in Kuwait.

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